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Solvay High School Class of 1964

Solvay, New York


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The  Committee

This is what you've all been waiting for.  A way to participate, vicariously, in the reunion preparation.  Look on.....  (all photos on this page courtesy of master photographer,  Pete Alberti)

2001 (37th Reunion) Committee made up of:

Dan Scaia

Kathy Franceschetti

Paula Galante

Dave Noce

Sandy Streib

Dorothy Macabelli

Joe Todisco

Pete Alberti

Russ Graziano (web)


Here's Dan sporting the latest armpit tattoo.

Gimme five. (Well, count the bottles.)

The committee in action.

Left to right that's, hey, do I know these people?

(Dave Noce, Dorothy Macabelli, Sandy Streib, Paula Galante, Kathy Franceschetti, Dan Scaia)

Did you notice that the table contains more food than work?

Here the committee just completed a trade....Dave Noce for Pete Alberti and a classmate to be named later.

"In your eye, Scaia."

Here's lookin' at you too, Joe.

Kathy, just what did you drop?

Dave, this must have been one helluva meeting.

Paula rehearsing for the reunion.  

Sam Adams has the floor.



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