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Solvay High School Class of 1964

Solvay, New York


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Eileen Kinsella

Hi Dan, I just wanted to tell everyone to have a great time at the reunion Saturday night. I may see everyone Friday night at the "trees". I can not attend Saturday night because of prior plans that I made with my daughter and her husband. To catch everyone up I have four beautiful grandchildren.Gretchen, my oldest has a 5 year old son named Timothy and twins named Mary Margaret(Maggie) and Daniel who were born on Oct. 5,2003 and Kelly my second oldest has a son named Connor was born on Nov. 11,2003. Gretchen went into. cardiac arrest 2 days before the delivery; she was due on Nov. 6,2003 . She was on life support during the c-section and for 4 days afterwards. She was finally taken off and sent to the heart unit. She was there for another week before sending her home, right now she doing well and getting stronger everyday. So you can see where I am spending my time. Little Daniel was in Ellie Mae's care for a couple weeks at St. Joe's Hospital and he is doing great now. Kelly also had heart problems during her delivery of Connor, she is looking at open heart surgery. She lives in North Carolina, I spent 1 month with her and was there for the delivery. My husband helped Gretchen while I was gone. We also have a son Michael who is doing very well and no heart problems. Well anyway, I'm trying to talk Ginny Bosco into going Friday night to the "trees" to see veryone. I will have pictures of our little angels. Hope to see Ellie there. Have you heard from my sister Karen? Take care everyone and have fun! Love to all, Eileen  05/27/04

Marcia Dubiel Boyer

I appreciate the personal inquiry.  However, we've had
a long standing commitment for that weekend.
You may or may not remember, I attended Solvay for
just my Jr. and Sr. year, coming over from Sacred
Heart, where I went from K-10. (I know other "Hearts"
people transferred as well, {hello to all of you}and
have heard there is a 40th going on there as well). I
grew up in Lakeland, so knew many Solvayites, and one
of my good friends still is Bernie Kulle, a year
behind us. Knowing classmates and having such a strong
bond, like so many of you who grew up and went through
all your school years together, is something I must
admit I truly envy.  I have wonderful memories of many
classmates  from those two years and actually
recognize about 99% of the names. And I think of so
many, so often.  I can even put a face, of 40 years
ago{yikes!}, with the names. Having lived in Camillus
for the past 26 years, I'm sure I've crossed paths
with many, and didn't realize it.
You can't imagine how much I enjoy following
everyone's stories and e-mails, and hope you will keep
me "in the loop". For any who may remember me, a big
"Hi, how are you? Hope you are well"
As for me, my husband and I have been married for 38
years (as of June 11 this year).  My husband was
fortunate enough to retire at the ripe old age of 54.
We've been blessed with relatively good health (except
for the here and there 'aging' illnesses).  We have
two children, our son and his family live in Dixon
Hills Farms here in Camillus - (my two grandchildren
are the absolute light in my life.)  Our daughter/her
husband live in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn,NY.
Currently we are in the active thought process of
selling our home of 26 years - probably building here
in Camillus.  Tho we are fortunate to be able to head
south for the past 6-8 winters, we have so far chosen
not to buy "south" as it gives us the flexibility to
change areas if we choose, usually going to South
Carolina, but having been to FL.
So, that's some of about me. 
I hope you and those who attend, have a wonderful,
memory filled reunion weekend with lots of joy and
laughter.  I'll be watching the e-mail for all your
updates and welcome hearing from anyone.
Take care,
--Marcia Dubiel Boyer 04/27/04

    Blanca Cantera

Russ, Of course it is me! Who else? well...I went back to Cuba via Canada in 1965. I finally studied medicine and became a neurosurgeon. I became full Professor of Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine. I studied also alternative medicine and became an hypnoterapist( hypnosis) the closest to the yearbook forecast!, an acupuncturist, a doctor in homeopathy and bioresonance ( scalar waves medicine) and so forth. I have two children, Yvette , now 36 a doctor herself working in Colombia and Ianko now seventeen still at home. I live in Spain after working and living five years in Africa and five years in the Middle East (Yemen) In between I managed to be a military doctor in Angola. Right now I work for companies that open up alternative biological medicine in the Mediterranea coast ( see and

The last one is the the Minor Sea and I will be there ( I hope) from October on. Anything else you want to know? About the old Solvay gang I have only contacted by email Mary Lee Castelani and met a couple of  months ago in Spain with David Gallauresi but I do really miss you all. Love, keep in touch Blanca (Beebe) PS I keep the most cherished  memories from my stay at Solvay High.

---Blanca Cantera 08/07/02


Bob Zajac...Now

Zajac "Flies" Again

07/16/01: The latest prose from Bob Zajac is at

To quote Bob, "You may also try spraying your dry flies with Scotchgard."  If you have no Scotchgard, use J& won't care about the results.

Words...(pointer to the newest Zajac)

Since all of us have had an impact on Bob and made him what he is today, what he has published is really a creation of the whole class. Bob Zajac

Bob Zajac....what can we say? 

Let him say it himself.  Bob has published in the Atlantic Salmon Journal (my favorite is from Spring, 1995..."The Power and The Glory of a BAMBOO Rod"), but you can read his latest online at




Just a brief note, on my second marriage to Stan. It will be 20 years in December. Have a daughter, Christina, 33 and a son, Mark,28 from first marriage. I currently work for NYS Dept. of Transportation as a senior engineering technician. I work in the bridge design unit and do cadd drafting. I always did like to draw. See you all soon.

--Gale [Prosser] 06/01/01


Here is a quick and short Bio on the Samsel family. 

Four( 4 )children, Tracey is the oldest at 32, married with a set of twin (2 1/2 year old ) daughters. Next is Steve at 31, also married and has a 4 1/2 year old daughter.  Then there is Eric, 3rd year at RIT, software engineering, just turned 21. Last but not to be forgotten is Brian, 18 and getting ready for his 1st year at SUNY Binghamton. Also taking software engineering. Stephanie is a systems analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Then me. I am an Operations Manager with Lucent Technologies. 34 years in the Telecommunication industry. Looking to retire in a year or so. We live in Liverpool area and are currently in the process of building a new home somewhere in the Cicero/Clay vicinity. Travel quite often and play a lot of golf. As I said, I kept it short.

Say hello to everyone, have a great time and invite us to the " NEXT " party.  Again, we are sorry we can't attend. Keep the pictures flowing. The Web site is excellent. A great job, done by all! 

--Gary Samsel 05/15/01

Sorry I won't be able to attend the reunion, but I will be sending a check for the scholarship fund. I really enjoy the website and look forward to the many witticisms our classmates come up with. Many people do not know that a Solvay reunion is also a reunion, of sorts, for a number of St. Brigid's classmates as well: 
  • Anthony DelVecchio
  • Steve Kaminski (self)
  • Nick Letizia
  • Patricia Pasco-Greco
  • Michael Ryan
  • Jess Venditti

All from the class of '60 - No wonder we are old!!!  Well, no bio for me - I couldn't compete with Arms, anyway. Say hi to all, and I hope we all live long enough for the BIG 50th Reunion.

Keep In Touch,

--Steve Kaminski  04/30/01

Greetings from the wild west. Thanks for the invitation to the reunion...unfortunately, I can't make it. I 've just started a new business (a gift shop called Caravan of Dreams...look for a web site someday but not soon) and just can't leave. It's been ages since I've been back to Solvay. Lately, it seems, my family has been celebrating holidays practically anywhere but Solvay, so on those rare occasions when I've been able to make back for Christmas, it's to some other place. Give my regards to the old gang...maybe I'll make it to our 40th! 

--Nancy Serino Anderson  04/30/01

I'm sorry to say that things don't look good for me with the reunion date. This is a very busy time of the season for me and I've tried to think of every way I could possibly make arrangements, but can't come up with anything. I really would like to come, but so goes life.

I really do miss the "old gang" (of course, we're really not old, lol), and haven't had a chance to get back to Solvay since the last reunion. I found it amazing how the ladies all looked better and we guys had all gone to hell!!! Well, at least we paid for all that beer, right!?!?!?!

I'll be sending a contribution for the fund and hope we exceed the goals by a bunch. Also, I'd like to try to help with the website. I don't know how, exactly, but I'll work on it. 

Further, I really do hope that we can have a 40th reunion. I really hadn't expected a 37th, but it was a pleasant surprise. What would you think about making it a "biggie". I was thinking about a combined reunion/vacation type situation with a cruise out of Baltimore to the Caribbean Islands for 5 or 6 days, or something like that. If nobody likes that idea, how about a weekend at a ski lodge, or something along that line? I'm open to suggestions and would also like to know what time of the year is best for the majority of our friends. Maybe I could contact everyone and do that if you'd be so kind to get me a complete list of everyone's mailing and e-mail addresses, as you know it. 

Well, let me know if I can help with something of that nature and please keep me informed of any activities you've got planned in the future.

All the best to you and your family and all my fellow classmates and "thanks" for all the long hours I know you folks have put into this endeavor. I know there have been many (and probably a few serious hangovers, lol). 

--Dan Carter  04/30/01

Our daughter is graduating from high school this year and they have always given out academic awards at graduation. However, they just decided that the ceremony was too long so they will be giving the awards out on Saturday, May 26. 

Nancy, our daughter, will be graduating as the valedictorian of her class, so the academic awards ceremony will be very important to her and my wife and I. She has also just decided to attend MIT this fall with a possible major in chemical engineering. Thank God she takes after her mother.

Sorry that I won't be able to make this one. But , just for the record, we did attend the 10 year reunion and I have 2 sovenier mugs to prove it. I am looking forward to attending our 42nd. Regards,

--John Benedetti  04/30/01

Danny, who said we had to do a bio. Here's mine.

After high school graduation, i made license plates at attica for 15 years while there, i learned how to make car bombs and do undetectable arson. i am currently awainting major surgery to have my hemroids removed. i am also on a waiting list for a penile transplant. i lost my left nut in a farming accident in '83 and my new nickname is LUCKY. have a good one. 

--Arms 04/20/01

I noticed that we are beginning to write our bios, so I wanted to say a bit about my life thus far. I received my MATESL in 1995 in Vermont and started the ESL Program for the Whitesboro School System in Whitesboro, NY. My husband, a senior engineer with Lockheed, was transferred to Syracuse three years ago, so I started the ESL Program for Manlius Pebble Hill (a private school) and trained their teacher. I was then fortunate to be hired by the Fayetteville-Manlius School District where I currently teach ESL. I am also a facilitator for BOCES in Syracuse and put on forums for travelling ESL Teachers. 
We are blessed with three sons. Chris and Pam and their two sons, Aaron and Dylan, live in CA. Chris is a software  engineer in the Silicon Valley. He works as VP of engineering for a start-up company. Jeff and Alecia and their son,Kyle, live in NY State. Jeff is finishing up his residency  and will begin in private practice as an Internist in June.Scott, our youngest, was born with Spina-Bifida; he walks with braces and wrist -canes.He recently completed his MSW in Turloch, CA. He lives in CA and works as a social worker in a rehab center.
I'm glad to be back in Syracuse and its a pleasure to see the "old haunts" once in a while. We built a lovely home here, big enough for all of our family to stay in. My Mom and Dad are in their eighties and still live on the old homestead in Solvay. They need some help, but they are still pretty "spunky" people.
Ron and I make the trip out to CA, periodically, to see our children and grandchildren ( Having grandchildren is like having a hot-fudge sundae with double fudge, double whipped cream and three cherries!). We have a cottage in the Adirondacks, as my husband loves the outdoors, and so do I.
Once again, Dan and his team have done a super job in resurrecting one terrific class of Solvay High...

--Lynn (Bieganowski) LaCourse --04/20/01

Tony worked for Price Waterhouse for about ten years after graduating from Syracuse University. He and fellow-Price-alumni Lance Mckee started their own accounting firm in l978. Dannible & McKee, LLP, now employes seventy-five people at their 22l South Warren Street office, and Tony has nine other partners (with whom we will be spending the Memorial Day weekend for a partner retreat in Lake Placid). He spends his free time in the winter pursuing his love of downhill skiing and just recently took up golf, where you'll find him on the greens at Drumlins most weekends in the spring, summer, and fall.

I have had the luxury, after college and seven years spent working for Dr. Phil Speller (also a Solvay "boy"), of being a stay-at-home mom. I enjoy tennis and play on a league twice a week. I own two horses and ride with our eldest daughter who also has two thoroughbreds. I enjoy reading, and, now that our kids are grown and on their own, being a "mom" to our 24-pound Maine Coon cat Codey (named Internal Revenue Code by Tony and called Codey for short!).

We have three children, the eldest of whom is our daughter Christy.  She is 29 years old and is a senior copywriter with Designworks Advertising in the city.  Our middle daughter Amy is 27 and graduated from Ithaca College. Our son Tom is 24 (he would say he is almost 25 because his birthday is June 29) and is married to his Marist College sweetheart, Willow. They live in Bellows Falls, Vermont,

Tony and I feel very badly that we won't be able to see all of you in May but hope that someday soon, there'll be a reunion we CAN attend! Keep those e-mails with your whereabouts and what you are up to coming in. It's fun to read them all and hear about what everyone is doing. Have a wonderful reunion!

--Tony and Judy (Susco) Dannible, 4/18/01


Dear Danny,

I was glad to get your e-mail about the class reunion, but I won`t be home in Solvay until my vacation time in July-August. I`ve missed them all because they have always been held at the wrong time for me. I have been  living and working in Italy since I recieved my Masters degree in music. I am currently working at La Scala Opera in Milan as a singer. I`m glad to know we have a class web site too. Please put a reunion picture on it for me to see. Have a good time and greet everyone for me...Cheers!

Suzanne Lotito, 3/12/01

Hey By...anybody set your paper bundle on fire lately? Between me & Terry Craig, I know some damage was done. I remember one Sunday morning, you and I put Terry's bundle on the top rungs of the telephone pole across from his house.

This is Tom Biviano, I have kept my maiden name. Donna Fabrizio is still my first wife! She says her next husband is going to be a gentleman. I say my next wife will be a bimbo! We live in Victor, NY and have been in this area for 25 years, after having moved 13 times in the first 13 years of our marriage. Rent was always hard to come up with. 4 children later, we have our first wedding of a child this Fall. Donna has retired from mothering, and I work for IBM. Cocktails are at 5P.M., so ya'll stop by.

--Tom Biviano, 02/28/01

Got your mailing today for the reunion. What a great idea, however, I cannot make it - again! I will be at a conference (Distribution Management Association of California) at Lake Tahoe that week (poor me). I am the VP and Treasurer for the N. CA chapter and we're hosting the conference this year. So, I have to be there.

--Dan Thompson, 2/27/01

My husband, Bill, and I both practice law in Rochester, where we've lived (in Pittsford, actually) for almost 25 years. I'm a partner of the firm of Harter, Secrest & Emery LLP, and I "do deals" - mergers, acquisitions and securities offerings. We have two wonderful sons. Nick (21) is a Junior at Williams College and Josh (18) is a Freshman at Brown. Both of my parents passed away in 2000 so, unfortunately, I have little to bring me back to Solvay anymore.

--Sue Mascette Brandt, 12/12/00

hi dave noce here . have stayed in syracuse and recently retired from new process gear after 31 yrs. during the last 37yrs i have been divorced and remarried . i have 2 girls from the first marriage and they are 29. 25. in the 2nd marriage i have a daughter 7yrs old and she keeps me going. since retiring i have been living much more than you can imagine. i love to hunt ,fish and most of all i bought a harley motorcycle(nothing like the wind in ones hair "i still got mine but its salt and pepper)finally if you live in syracuse you will be able to see me at columbus circle this summer sellin hot dogs hope to see you all. 

--Dave Noce 1/19/01

I was blown away when I got a message from my cousin, Bob Zajac, that SHS '64 had it's own web site. Since I haven't kept in touch with anyone, my first reaction was "so what". Then I pulled out the yearbook and logged on. I'm surprised at the pleasant memories that have surfaced, not the least of which was our finals table for summer school. Did we all get the same grade?

You may remember that I dated Bruce Sutliff in HS and that we divorced in '70 (a class first?). We have a daughter who has given us two beautiful grandchildren, Richie  age 5 1/2, and Bridget - age 4. I remarried in '78 and left the area when my husband, Rich, joined the FBI. We lived in Pittsburgh for 4 years and Metuchen, NJ for 6 years while he was assigned to the NYC and Newark offices. When he came to headquarters in DC, we moved to Vienna, VA. That was 1989 and I've been here ever since. Unfortunately, he passed away 3 1/2 years ago. I went to work for the FBI early in 1998 and consider myself semi-retired as I work 3 days a week.

I was so shocked to read how many of our classmates are gone. I guess I shouldn't be after what I've been through, but it puts things in perspective.

I expect to be a frequent visitor to the web site and already have the reunion date on my calendar.


Marlene Dabrowski 01/29/01


An Example

Okay, okay.  I'll go first.  I left Solvay right after college and never returned.  The years have held  good...and bad.  I've lived in two continents,  five different states and innumerable cities.  Have had career ups and downs, many transfers, failed relationships, a child - all of which have combined to make me what I've become.  But thinking back, Solvay has had one of the greatest impacts on my life.  And I've always missed it.  I've missed  the fun, the close friendships and the familiarity.  I've found nothing like it anywhere I've been.  Guess I still miss it and all of you.

--Russ Graziano

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