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Solvay High School Class of 1964

Solvay, New York


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Evo Baglini

You queried remembrances of teachers past.
Indelibly printed on the shrinking number of brain cells not yet quite dead...the one...the only...Evo Baglini!
To his class:


"I' nahnteen thoorty-nahn, I wawth awfr'd duh rank of capten in de Italian Ahmy becauwth I wawth fluen en Engliss and Italian. 
 "O' courth, I refoothed and joined arh miltary."

Bethides, I wawthn't no Fathist!" 

The following, I heard while standing outside the teachers lounge (eavesdropping). "O' dat fawth peeyod, dey's awl bumth, ethpethally dat Nothinthki!"
One night, Noz, myself, and I think Don Pippitt, pulled a late night Ninja trip to Evo's Westvale apartment. We stood as silently as we could, stifling puerile smirks while hiding outside his screen door, and listened to Evo call his cat: " Heah Tawny...heah Tawny."   
From these memories, it is quite possible that Evo:  studied oratory from Demosthenes, substituting a mouthful of Sucrets for one of pebbles.
studied the English language at Elmer Fudd University.
had a cat named Melvin.
Stay well,
P.S. This communique was written only in jest and no one should think anything other. God bless Evo Baglini wherever he ith!
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