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Solvay High School Class of 1964

Solvay, New York


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Solvay High School Class of 1964

May 29, 2004

40th Reunion

Official Group Photo

1st Row: Lou Bellotti, Joe Todisco, Don Maestri, Tom Barnes

 2nd Row: Patti Pasco, Evelyn Ranalli, Linda Miller, Henry Bresadola, Jean  Balduzzi, Sandy Streib, Paula Galante, Dan Carter, Zita Maestri, Frank Maestri, Geraldine Fiorito, Mary Anne Jerome

 3rd Row: Mary Lee Castellani, Kathy Franceschetti, Marilyn Alberti, Gale Prosser, Marlene Dabrowski, Steve Zalewski, Paul Cowlin, Tony Komuda, Rich Webster, Chuck Borell, Jerry Haskell, Marianne Perella, Dave Noce, Eileen Pedrotti

 4th Row: Frank LaManna,  Jerry Armani, Joe Licameli, Stephanie Kishman, Elvira Christolini,  Gary Samsel, Mike McManus, Pete Alberti, Pat Kennedy, Fred Myers, Jean Orbino

 5th Row: George Lober, John Byron Fountain, Frank Nizer, John Maestri, John Cottrell, Judy Van Nostrand, Bob Zajac, John Waters, Dan Scaia



Photos Submitted by Peter Alberti (a little after the fact, but welcome none the less :-)


Photos Submitted by Dan Carter

Sunday, July 02, 2006                                        

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