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Solvay High School Class of 1964

Solvay, New York


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New class Photo Gallery...many of the old black and whites from our high school days provided by Len DeLallo.  You can find them at:

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click on the "S"


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At the store, you'll find hats, t-shirts, mugs, etc. with the Solvay "S".  Some with the highly coveted "Class of 1964" distinction.

All proceeds will be donated to the SHS Class of 1964 Scholarship Fund.

Class of 1964 Store allows anyone to create a "store".  It offers several products (t-shirts, hats, etc.) that can be customized.  I added the Solvay High "S" and in some cases, "class of 64" or "'64".

It's legit and, should you indulge, any proceeds will go to the Class of 64  Scholarship Fund.  Cafepress provides a 30 day guarantee on all the products.

Most of the items have a plain "S."  The baseball cap has an S with "'64" in the center of it.  The basket cap has an S with "Class of 1964" in the center.  Enjoy!

The link is above or go to

The proverbial disclaimer:  I have not viewed any of the actual products, but would be interested in feedback from anyone who does.


Please submit information, changes, comments, corrections, photos, additions, etc. to Russ Graziano:

Last Updated:  November 09, 2011

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11/5/11, It seems the only times that I update this site, anymore, is upon the passing of one of our dear classmates.  Again, I'm saddened to bring you news of the passing of Kathy Krouse (see note below).  There are now 31 of us who have moved on. --Russ



We are saddened by the news that...Kathy Krouse Bellomio passed away on November 3, 2011.  See the In Memoriam page for further details.





Comments upon learning of the death of  our teacher,

John Testone

 January 9, 2010


Dan Scaia: As you may remember we invited Mr. Testone to our Reunion. Sharon Testone indicated at the time that he was not doing very well and it would not be possible for Mr. Testone to attend.


I have received two e-mails, one from Anne LaValle and one from Janis Friedli, that I would like to share:


Dear Dan, I just attended Mr. Testone's funeral, and I am still crying..he had such a profound effect on my life...and he made me feel that I could accomplish anything..I spent five periods of seven in my senior year with him, including homeroom, English, Journalism, Newspaper and Yearbook Staff...he was brilliant, funny, patient, and sweet...with a heart as big as Utah..the service was lovely, and I am thankful that I could be there. I am going to write a note to his wife Sharon because I want her to know some of the crazy stories about Mr. T that I think will bring a smile to her face. I encourage others to do the same. These are memories of the best time of our lives. Take care.  

Anne LaValle


Dear Dan, What a sad day for teaching. Mr. Testone was without a doubt my favorite teacher. I know I'm not alone with that thought. His classes were a joy. I was lucky enough to have him for both English Lit. and Journalism. He was the kind of teacher who encouraged the exchange of ideas, a practice that was not very wide spread in the 60's. May he rest in peace knowing he had a profound effect on many students through the years.

Janis Friedli


Len DeLallo and I had the privilege of two adjacent desks directly in front of Mr.T's.  Unbeknownst to the rest of the class, he would bust our stones constantly in a sotto voce intended just for us.

I will never, ever forget Beowulf.....Mr. T crawled under his desk and then leaped out exclaiming, "In the darkness dwelt the demon sprite, Grendel!"

That is indelibly etched....

From Pia's Italian class, "A chiamo a suo lavoro a lo fa bene."

"He who loves his work does it well."

Rest in peace, John Testone, you were an inspiring blessing to so many....

Stay well,

Bob [Zajac]



Reunion Photos

06/20/01:  Thanks to Pete Alberti, we have a slew of photos from the reunion.  Check 'em out.  Click the title above or go Photo Index/37th Reunion/Photos

If you have any photos/scans that you'd like to share with the rest of the class, e-mail them to Russ Graziano to or mail photos to 1351 Rolling Oaks Dr, Carol Stream, IL 60188.  I'll scan and return the photos


Photo Index

The Photo Index  page will take you to all the different photo pages.  Give it a try.

Most photos will appear as thumbnails.  You may agree that the pages look better and, hopefully, should load faster.  You can click on a thumbnail to enlarge a photo then click the Back button on your browser to return to the previous page.

As you can see, I've also reorganized the site.  Hopefully this presents a cleaner forum and makes it easier to find your way around.

As always, your comments are welcome.






45th Reunion of the Class of 1964 was held on

September 26, 2009

Wonderful time had by all who attended.


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